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婚約祝 -engagement gift-



Guille’s ex-colleagues sent us a small engagement gift, which we received last week. It was such a cute cat made of special bamboo charcoal. In Japan, this material is used for cleaning air.

There was also a little cushion to put the cat on top, but we decided to keep it in a box, as it might get black because of the charcoal. Maybe when we get married, we’ll use it as a ring pillow 🙂 But I guess it’s an American tradition. How are they going to do here??

The card was cute, too! In Japan, traditionally we would eat the fish “bream (“tai” in Japanese)” for an important/glorious occasion, because it was expensive and also because “auspicious” in Japanese is “medetai” which has “tai” :-9 Got it?

Thank you so much, T-san and W-san!

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